From: Ballet Mother
Date: Friday 2nd Sept 2014

Dear Lea,
As I sit and watch your classes I often think how grateful we are that Helena has you as a Teacher. Far beyond all the wonderful aspects of dance and performance that you have taught her – You are an amazing model of a kind calm and consistent Teacher. Thank you for your wonderful commitment to teaching Ballet. We feel very, very Lucky!

From: Ballet Mother of 8 years attending the Ballet school
Date: Monday 3rd Feb 2014

We started with the Lea Sandford School of Ballet almost 8 years ago when my daughter was 4 years old. Lea is absolutely amazing. As an introduction to ballet she is fantastic for little pre-schoolers, she makes dance such fun and has endless patience. As they get older, her focus on technique and exam work gives all her students great opportunity to improve and be the best they can be, without the extremes of pressure often associated with dance. The end of year concert is always a highlight for the students and their families and apt reward for all the hard work. My younger daughter still does ballet and loves having Lea as her teacher.